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Want to Have a Kick Ass Real Estate Business?

Duh. Of course you do.

You didn’t get your real estate license to have a boring business that maybe makes enough money to pay a few bills.

You got into this to kick some ass, help people, make bank and be generally all around awesome, right?

How’s that working out? Geoffrey Monical

By the way, I’m Geoff – thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web.

I can help you with some things to get to that kick ass business status. But not all the things.

Some things I can NOT help with:

  • Contracts. I hate contracts. You are on your own there.
  • Listing presentations. Meh. That’s your bag. Handle it.
  • Showing houses. I used to be an appraiser. I’ve been in enough houses.
  • Office politics. Again, handle it.

There’s probably more, but that’s what I come up with off the top of my head.

Which leads me to things I can help with.

Things like:

  • The technology. Website in order? Facebook pixel installed and firing? Building an email list?
  • Content marketing strategy. Having a strategy to create great content is a game changes for your real estate business.
  • Social marketing strategy. Once you have content, what do you do with it? You’ve got to help people find it.
  • Become the local expert. Position yourself as THE local expert. Don’t leave any doubt.
  • Brand building. All of the above. That’s how you build your brand.

Those things right there. They don’t just happen overnight.

You’ve got to work at a content strategy and building your brand and establishing the trust in your local market that you truly are an expert.

The good news, though, is that it’s never been easier.

You have everything you need.

Your website. Your social media accounts. A computer.

That is ALL YOU NEED to establish a a big local brand and following that leads to you having that kick ass real estate business.

What do I have to offer you?

Some kind of 17-video course telling you what to do? Nope.

A 83 page ebook that explains it all? Hell no.

A magic button that you push and all the content is created and shared and rainbow farting unicorns come falling out of the sky? Negative.

What I can offer you is help.

Help with a strategy, help with a plan and help with actually creating the content and getting it out there.

If you want my help, hit me up below.

Reach Me

You can find me here:

PO Box 702,
Langley, OK 74350

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