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This is how I created this 862-word blog post in 53 minutes for my website, that I will also share on social media, without having to sit down at my laptop and write all the words.

People hate writing. They do. Most people, anyway.

Writers tend to like it okay, although even a lot of writers don’t really like writing.

Anyway, there’s a three-step process where you can create content that you can pretty much end up putting everywhere that is pretty easy to do.

I am starting it right now.

What you are reading has been transcribed from a video I did that was 7 minutes long.

Then, as soon as I was done with the video, I sent it to Rev,

(If you are interested in the video, it is embedded at the end of this post).

There’s an app for both iPhones and Android, whatever you’ve got, if you just want to record audio.

Even without that app, you can still upload videos like this one. You can send emails to them.

(Actually, in this case, I grabbed the url of this video from Facebook and, since the video is set to public, I just put a link to the url in the REV dashboard and they took care of the rest).

So, for you, you can send them an audio, video, some kind of file with you talking about whatever it is you want to talk about.

For example, if you’re a heat and air guy, instead of sitting down and writing, you can be on the job, and you can have a thought about why people need to get spring checkups.

Pull out your phone. Just start an audio file.

You don’t need to do a video like I’ve done.

Just record yourself talking and say, “You know what? You need to do this, because your system, long life, efficiency, save money, blah, blah, blah.”

Whatever it might be.

If you’re in real estate, say you’re in the pickup line waiting for your kids, and you have a thought about, “Man, this is such a great school system. Here’s the reasons why.”

Take out your phone. You can do a video, if you want, or feel free to just hit the record button and talk. Talk for three, four, five minutes about what makes that particular neighborhood so great.

Back to this piece here, my Facebook live video that I uploaded to Rev was 7 minutes long.

So it cost me $7 to get this transcription.

For that $7, I ended up with 1,183 words, that I turned into this 862-word blog post.

Now, when I get rolling I can talk kind of fast, but that breaks down to 169 words per minute.

Pretty sure you can’t write that fast. I know I can’t.

But that gives you an idea of how long you need to talk to end up with 500, 600 or 1,000 words.

So, I got back an unedited, but a really high-quality, transcription of that video.

Now it’s time to edit, punctuate correctly and make sure the written words make sense.

Remember, another thing about writing for online readers, people hate reading stuff online that is big long paragraphs with five, six, seven continuous lines of text.

Open-space for the win, always.

That’s why you’ll notice, and I’ve been neglecting getting new blog posts on this website, but the website is where stuff that I write goes.

But the general rule is this: one sentence, one paragraph.

It’s easier for people to read.

Keep in mind, most people are on their phones these days.

Most people aren’t on the web on a laptop or computer. Some are, but most are on their phones.

It’s a numbers game, you need to reach the most people where you can most easily, and make it as easy as possible for them to consume the content you are sharing.

Finally, you need to add a headline, add a ‘call to action’ to your post and add an image.

The headline is the most important part. It makes people want to read the rest of the post.

Headlines in the format of “How To…” or “Why You Need To…” typically get a good response.

Images are huge on the web. You need to add some kind of engaging image.

But please, please, please make sure you have the rights to that image IF you aren’t using an image of your own.

So, it’s always best to use your own pictures, if you can.

Anyway, there you have it…that is the process.

Then, of course, you need to get the content on your website.

Whether you do that yourself or have someone who does it for you does not matter.

Let me repeat that…it does not matter!

Just get it out there, online, to be discovered.

Then, of course, it needs to be shared on social media and whatever other methods you might want to use to generate traffic.

But, nothing happens until that content is published.

Back to this piece right here.

This is going to come in at 862 words. Total.

And, from the time I hit record on the Facebook Live video to the time I hit publish on my website, the total time has been 53 minutes.

And that’s how it’s done.