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There are so many ways to do cool things for people online, and build your brand at the same time.

Why does it work?

I don’t know. Our brains, I guess.

Here’s the deal…despite what YOUR brain is telling you, people don’t really give a crap about you and your business.

People are much more interested in themselves. It’s a fact.

(And that’s why you are more interested in your business than anybody else)

But…if you are giving people information they can use, that is helpful, and/or entertaining…they will remember you.

And if you can associate ‘you’ with your business, they will remember your business as well.

Especially if you keep being cool and giving helpful, valuable information on a consistent basis.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t always have to be directly related to your business.

Although if you can be helpful and answer questions related to your industry (real estate, contractors, professionals, etc), then great.

But be helpful anyway. With other things.


Well, for instance, today (November 1st) is World Vegan Day.

Now, I’m 100% in the meat category but, hey, I’m down for a big salad every now and then. Or maybe a killer quinoa side dish. Or some kind of veggie something anyway.

So, if you do business locally, regardless of your business or industry (unless you are a restaurant owner, then, duh you should already be doing this), go ahead and and do a post on social media today about your favorite place to get an awesome salad.

Or about that deli that has a killer veggie sandwich that you didn’t know could be so good.

Or, turn it upside down and in honor of World Vegan Day talk about a restaurant where you can get ALL THE MEAT and EAT IT ALL!

Oh, and when I say a post…I mean on Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Wherever you are comfortable and your market spends their time.

And make sure you tag the restaurant, business owner or whoever you are giving some free publicity too. They will appreciate it (and are likely to reciprocate as well).

Either way, what you are doing is sharing value in your market and showing people that you care about them.

Not just about you, but them. You care about the same people they do. Again…THEM.

And you know what happens?

They remember you.

They appreciate your guidance in helping them find the best dam veggie thingy they have ever eaten in their life.

It’s just one small step in helping people to get to know, like and trust you.

Keep doing this over time, and you’ve come along way along that know, like and trust train.

And those people that you told to go eat a salad, or meat, or whatever, or much more likely to do business with you in the future.

And the people whose restaurant you tag. Or that place you tell people about.

They will remember as well.

Business owners always appreciate people who do cool shit for them, right? Don’t you?

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