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Back in the old days, real estate folks had a big advantage over the local guys and gals – access to the MLS and everything that was for sale and had sold and all that other double knot spy secret info.

That ship has obviously sailed.

Anything and everything people want to know about housing can be found online…

  • list prices
  • sale prices
  • pictures
  • sales history

You get the idea.

That used to be the ‘knowledge gold’ through which real estate bad asses could get paid.

So, with all these listings…all this info at their fingertips, do buyers and sellers need you?

I’d say yes.

And here’s why…People still need the human touch.

YOU are the expert in your market on great neighborhoods, what makes those neighborhoods great, etc.

YOU are the true expert in the local schools, and food scene, and things going on that make your place so great.

YOU are the one that can put that human touch on all that data that doesn’t come through in pages of listings and maps with a bazillion houses for sale on them.

And that’s why YOU need to market yourself as THE local expert in your market.

And how do you do that?

Why, with content, of course!

Write, create videos and share content that shows people that you know the neighborhoods, and you know the schools and you know the local scene.

And you will become that human touch that is essential to the real estate deal.

(Keep in mind, when you are doing this you are generally attracting the attention of buyers, but sellers in those neighborhoods will also take notice, and when you get those listing appointments, you can explain how you are the neighborhood expert and how you have X number of potential buyers who have already told you they want in that neighborhood)

So…what are you waiting for?

Create something that begins to show that YOU are the expert.

Don’t wait for anybody to give you permission.

Or, if you were waiting….Permission Given!

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