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Will your real estate business be ready to explode, like the redbuds, this spring.

Are you doing the things – right now – to make sure that you are one of those few real estate agents that really crushes it in 2018?

You should be, because even though we are right in the middle of a cold winter, spring will be here before you know it and NOW is the perfect time to be building your brand and make sure you are reaching new potential leads and clients where they are – online.

And how do you prepare right now for a busy 2018?

By building your online brand and learning how to harness the power of the internet with a simple plan to consistently create helpful and informative content that gets published online and positions you as THE EXPERT in your local market.

Hopefully, you’ve got a system and plan in place. If not…keep reading.

Content is KING in today’s marketing world, and if you are a real estate agent that wants to be looked at as a trusted expert and resource in your market, you better be producing content.

That content can, and should, go anywhere and everywhere.

Your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter…where ever you are socially (more important – where ever your potential clients are socially) is where your content needs to be.

If you are you like almost all the other real estate agents out there and struggle with things like:

  • Lead generation
  • Productivity
  • Marketing
  • Time management
  • Keeping up with all the things

You are busy. Everybody is busy. Don’t know where to start. Completely overwhelmed with what you ‘should’ do. We all get that.

But here’s the thing.

If you study the daily habits of the most successful real estate professionals, you will find that they consistently plan their day and do activities – EVERYDAY – centered around lead generation, including creating content, publishing content and being present on social media.

The key is that they have a system, they plan their time, and they execute.

Do you?

Content Creation Is Scary – But It Doesn’t Have To Be

If you are like 90%+ of the real estate agents out there, the thought of sitting down at your laptop and writing content is, frankly, kind of scary.

Heck, most of you don’t even like writing listing descriptions – much less a blog post or social media update.

Besides…with everything else you have going on, who has time for that, right?

Trust me, I get it.

Sitting down to write content can be a royal pain the rear end.

Blank screens, what to write about, self doubt, what do I do if I actually get somethign written, etc.

It’s overwhelming. I get it. Really, I do.

That’s why you need a simple system that takes you from point A to point B and gives you a piece of content that is ready to be published, shared and start attracting people into your business world.

Introducing the Simple Content System

What is the Simple Content System?

It’s a system that helps you to simply and consistently create content for your website and your social media.

All designed to expand your reach and bring more people into your world which, over time, grows your brand and your business.

Basically, it’s this:

  • Take out your phone and record yourself talking about a topic that is relevant to your market – things like what makes a certain neighborhood so great, the best local places for breakfast, upcoming events in your area…that sort of thing.
  • Upload or email that audio to – they will transcribe that audio and you will receive that transcription back within 12 hours
  • Edit, proof and ‘pretty up’ that copy. Come up with a good headline, bullet points, put paragraphs and periods where you need to. That sort of thing.
  • Gather 2 or 3 pictures relative to whatever that content is about.
  • Publish!

That’s it. Publish that copy piece to your website, share to Facebook and other social media, use the image to post to Instagram.

Basically, where ever you are online…add all of, part of, or a link to that content.

And if you really want to expand your reach and grow your brand, spend a few bucks on a Facebook ad so more people see the content.

Facebook ads are super powerful for drawing attention to you and your content.

And once you have their attention…you are well on your way to gaining their trust – which is key to them trusting you with their real estate transactions.

That’s it.

Do the above, starting right now and do it every single week, and by the time the redbuds are blooming in a few months you will be so much better off than 90% of your competitors in the real estate game.

And that’s how you win!

By the way…do you want help with this?

Or help with implementing a strategy?

Go ahead and give me a call – seriously, I mean it – at (918) 261-8886 or drop a quick email to and let’s see if I can help.