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The # 1 question for every Tulsa area real estate agent and broker out there…how do you get more business in 2018?

From showing houses to giving listing presentations to signing documents…how do you get more people to actually do business with you?

I’m serious…ask yourself right now. What are you doing to get more business?

Chances are – at least for most of you – not much.

It’s November, going on December, and most of you aren’t doing a thing. Not much happens around Northeast Oklahoma until things start turning green in the spring.

You are just kind of waiting until February or March, when the phone will magically start ringing again with dozens of people calling you or emailing you each week wanting you to help them buy and sell homes.

And when the time comes you will focus on the latest tactic, shortcut or hack to get you buy for the year.

A whatever it takes approach to get you through.

Much like you did this year.

But guess what? If you don’t change how you market yourself and your business…do you realistically expect to have more business in 2018?

What can you do to start your record breaking year of 2018 off the right way?

Start right now by creating a system where you strategically publish and share great local information each and every week.

Not everyday.

Nobody is asking you to write all the words and share them everyday.

But once a week? Come on…you can do that.

I know you likely recoil at the dreaded B word…but you really need to be using your blog.

And hey, if you like and are comfortable doing videos…by all means, get yourself out there with weekly (at least) video content on your Facebook page and on Youtube.

But you know what else you can do?

Get those videos transcribed at and then you’ve got ‘written’ content for your blog.

And words are still very, very, very powerful online.

Here’s another little shortcut for you.

If you don’t want to do videos, and hate the thought of sitting down and writing because, you know, it’s hard, then take out your phone and record yourself talking for 5 minutes about something that your market cares about.

Then again, go to that Rev website, upload the audio and wait 12 hours and you will have a transcription waiting for you to edit and push out to the glorious web.

But don’t be a fool and make everything about YOU or real estate.

Instead…make everything about your market. Answer their questions. Get in their head like you are their best friend.

Answer questions like these.

What makes your part of Tulsa great?

Where are the great places to eat in MidTown, South Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso?

Why would people want to live in certain neighborhoods in certain parts of town (of course, don’t be discriminatory)?

Here’s the thing…

In real estate, marketing is the process where people get to know you – even if you’ve never met! – through the content you produce and share.

As they get to know you, and see you sharing great information week after week, something else happens.

They begin to trust you.

And when that trust enters the relationship (still…even though you may not have met them yet!!) they then come to believe that you might just be the one for them to trust with their real estate transaction – be it buying or selling.

Google has published studies that say buyers and sellers research real estate agents EXTENSIVELY (That’s Google’s word!) prior to making a commitment on who to work with.

What do they find when they are researching you?

Is there anything on your website that shows you are engaged and knowledgeable about Tulsa and your community, and eager to help others learn more?

What about Facebook and LinkedIn and whatever other social sites you use?

Is it nothing but look at my listings and even for some of you those generic, automated posts that are being published all across the country?

Or, are they going to your website and social media sites and finding helpful, relevant community information and posts about things like upcoming Christmas events in the Tulsa area, the best pizza joints in town, what makes the whatever neighborhood the best ever, etc.

It’s really a very simple idea and process.

But it’s not necessarily easy to follow through and commit.

I’ve just given you the key to a GREAT 2018 for your real estate business.

Like I said…the process is really very simple.

But it’s not easy to put yourself ‘out there’ like that.

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